use code "SANTASPECIAL" and purchase a 1/4 zip or vest to get one for FREE!

use code "SANTASPECIAL" and purchase a 1/4 zip or vest to get one for FREE!

The Original


The Original is where it all begins. It’s the moment you realize that being ordinary just isn’t good enough. We created The Original as our first piece to the brand because we knew that it was something people would gravitate to. A custom, good for any occasion piece, that also has some functionality. Everyone needs a “must have” piece in their bag for any trip whether it’s going to the beach or the slopes and The Original is it. It also looks cool…

The Style – We set out to create a style that was good for multiple people for multiple occasions. If we were going to set out to make something cool it had to be this way. One thing we realized in designing “The Original” is that feeling “cool” is highly underrated however it wasn’t cool to cater to just one crowd.

The Functionality – The Original is not only made to make you feel like you’re the life of the party but there is also some very thought out functionality to the piece. We took a lot of time thinking about many aspects what people may want.

Shoulder Patches – This is one area we felt like we wanted to add some durability whether you were hauling your skis back from a long day or slinging a fishing rod on the river. The patches are tonal so they don’t stick out but they’re there and they will add some protection.

Chest Pocket – Typically you’re a chest pocket guy or not but if you are we’ve added a small pocket within the pocket so you don’t end up scratching the face of your phone with anything else in there like a money clip or your keys.

Collar – No floppy collar here, we wanted the collar to stand proud even if you didn’t zip it up all the way. This will add some protection from the wind but more importantly it just looks better with a collared shirt underneath.

Zipper Garage – The zipper garage is soft and easily hides the zipper from not only scratching your face but also prevents it from just being an annoying piece that flaps around.

No Waist Band – Whether you are skiing, swinging a golf club, or just raising your hands as your team scores the winning touchdown, we wanted to have a piece that didn’t constantly hike up your waist. This also made us more conscious of our fit in the long run.

 We hope you enjoy and thanks for your support!